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The BIIRRR 2022 workshop aims to provide an interactive forum addressing questions around documentation and re-use of II&R materials, as a step towards the development of community standards. The morning sessions will consist of experience and position papers, presenting possibilities and challenges encountered around re-use. The afternoon sessions will use the ideas and experiences from these papers as a springboard to collaboratively develop recommendations for research design documentation community standards. We welcome contributions and participants from early-career to established researchers and from the full range of research methodologies, to ensure the outcomes are as widely applicable as possible. Please join us for a full-day workshop to brainstorm about the re-use of II&R materials and the development of community standards.

The BIIRRR 2022 workshop will be held on March 14, 2022, co-located with the CHIIR 2022 conference in Regensburg. Like the main conference, the BIIRRR workshop will be offered in a hybrid format with both on-site and virtual participation.